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CTCC is a diverse family located in the Greater Charlotte area consisting of many men and women who are, first and foremost, dedicated to bringing the Good News of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard.  We especially have a heart for the Telugu-speaking populace, and we support multiple missionaries who are working tirelessly to bring the Gospel to those who have never experienced the love of Christ.  We are heavily invested in our immediate community as well, partnering with StoneBridge Church Community in order to provide a nurturing environment for our Telugu-speaking brothers and sisters in Christ to grow in their faith and closer to GOD.  We have started in 2015 and been enjoying  many years of GOD's grace and plan to expand our reach and influence, in Charlotte and beyond.


We would like to thank StoneBridge Church Community, our partners in ministry, who have supported us every step of the way, since our inception in 2015.  They are equally as passionate about the Telugu-speaking populace as we are, and our ministry would not be possible without them.



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